Beginner's Guide to the Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort

Comic-Con, Ren Faires, Megacon, Dragoncon, and every other Cosplay event across the nation brings together those who love to dress in costume as their favorite characters. The Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort is no different.I have never been one to dress up for anything, even Halloween, unless I can find a fun wig. Let me tell you, after my first Celebration of Harry Potter Weekend, you better believe I will be dressing up next year and going all out.But what character should I be? WHAT MAKES THE CELEBRATION OF HARRY POTTER DIFFERENT?The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort is technically a Harry Potter celebration every day of the year, isn't it? Well, yes. Like, you, I celebrate Harry Potter 365 days a year, but this is THE celebration, and true fans flock to the 3-day event.Typically taking place in late January, the celebratory weekend is when actors from the movie pop into the park for panel discussions. You can also see costumes from the movie, hear exclusive announcements, and check out props brought in from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theater production.Exclusive Pottermore and MiniLima items are for sale at the Universal Orlando Resort shops for this one weekend only. You can also learn wand combat skills, watch movies in the park, discover special effects secrets with John Richardson from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and listen in on with actors from the films.While every opening night can be different, and package holders may receive extra perks, like an exclusive preview of the Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle when it first debuted in 2018, here are a few treats you may experience:The Harry Potter Film Concert Series - CineConcerts. Surprise guest appearances from movie cast members.Special announcements from Pottermore, Scholastic and more.During the Celebration of Harry Potter weekend is the only time you will see characters throughout the park. Yes, staff members are dressed in Harry Potter “world” costumes, but you will never see Harry, Ron, Hermione or any other named character in the park. Ever.Even at Ollivander’s Wand shop that isn’t actually Ollivander, it is one of his employees.Similarly, The Knight Bus driver isn’t Stan Shunpike. It is just “a” Knight Bus driver, not “the” Knight Bus driver. Every character you will see is a guest, just like you, no matter how realistic the costume. People are just that good and invest a lot in their wearables.The Celebration of Harry Potter brings out all of the characters, and as I already mentioned, not a single one of them is employed by Universal Orlando Resort. They are all guests, and outside of a Comic-Con, you will never see such amazing costumes. If you love to dress up, these are your people.Bring your A game, but no one will mock you for bringing your C, D or even F game.Come dressed as an ordinary Muggle and you are good to go. Harry Potter fans are the nicest in the land. Those in full costume for the most part are happy to take photos with you. Just be kind and always say thank you.If you are interested in dressing up, now is not the time to slack. Check the hashtag #HPCelebration to see how people are prepping for the celebratory event. A lot of thought goes into the outfits.Anything from the Harry Potter universe goes, including the “Fantastical Beasts” and “Where to Find Them” movies. There IS a costume contest, so get ready. Not only could you be scooped up on the streets, but on the stage as well.