London with kids is calling and we are so ready to answer. In fact, we are headed back for another visit and the kids are getting involved with the planning this time. My husband and I have been to London more than a few time to play tourist, and also visit friends. While our kids have been to London, they were both babies and toddlers at the time.Now that they are older, they want to hit the big sights. Even with limited time, we are going to do a whirlwind tour of London with kids, utilizing guidebooks and tours wherever we can to maximize our time. Here's a few of my favorite guidebooks for parents and kids to use together to plan their next family trip to London.Pop-Up London by Lonely Planet serves as a beginners guide to the city across the pond. This book features gorgeous pop-up illustrations of the city's most famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral. Perfect to line a nursery shelf or inspire the youngest explorers. Filled with countless facts and interesting tidbits of information, this guide book will inspire any curious traveler. Described as the "real, inside story", this fact-based guide book includes stories about kings and queens and famous spies. Whether a trip to Great Britain is in the works or not, this book is a tremendous resource on one of the worlds most famous countries.Fodor's London guide is perfect for local families and visitors alike. The guide features 68 family friendly activities found in and around London. There are activity-based tips, suggestions for local eateries, and games to keep the kids entertained during travel. Looking for the off-the-beaten-path guide book to London? This guide book promises to take you away from the typical tourist attractions and onto the city streets. Discover the city's best kept secrets and interesting tales galore. A great guide for the entire family, the Eyewitness Travel Family Guide focuses on the kids. The book provides age specific activities, local restaurants, and places to blow off steam around specific hubs (i.e. the London Eye). The family guide book also includes activities for rainy days and games for travel days.While not strictly for kids, this walking guide book to London provides something different for families. Any guidebook that gets us out walking to explore the sights is a good one in my mind, no matter how much my youngest complains. Walking guides provide a suggested path to follow, but veering off course is never frowned upon. Use each walk as a guide to your next adventure when in London with kids.