Delightful Things to Do in Krakow!

I just had to write a Krakow itinerary, covering the best things to do in Krakow, Poland. Why, you ask? Because this is one amazing city!Throw away any preconceptions you might have about Eastern Europe. This isn't some grey, ex-Communist town filled with charmless concrete tower blocks, inhabited only by shuffling old ladies in headscarves - that's an image of Eastern Europe which is seriously outdated, and completely incorrect. Instead, imagine a vibrant city with Old Town charm, carriages being pulled by trotting horses, and warm, friendly locals. Imagine sitting out in the sun, with a good Polish beer and hearty food. That's the real Krakow.But what are the best things to do in Krakow? How long do you need to see all this wonderfulness?Fear not, intrepid traveler! This handy-dandy Krakow itinerary is going to give you all the info you need! Let's get started! Okay, first things first. Before we launch ourselves into the excitement of a Krakow itinerary, like a small child about to zoom down a water slide, we need to consider the best time to visit Krakow. It's kinda important, y'all.In a statement which will no doubt cause you zero shock, Poland gets hella cold in winter. Krakow, located reasonably near the Tatra Mountains (the highest part of the Carpathians, fact fans), can go down to a rather chilly 23.2 degrees Fahrenheit in January, its coldest month. Although doing your Christmas shopping and skipping through snowy streets is an undoubtedly attractive prospect, have a serious think on whether you want to deal with those cold mountain winds before you book.The best time of year to visit Krakow is spring, preferably between May and June. These months generally have lovely weather, longer days than autumn, less crowds, and a cheaper rate in the hotels. I visited in July, and although the weather was absolutely perfect, it's by far the busiest time of year, and having to push through crowds can diminish your enjoyment of attractions such as the Cloth Hall a tad. Whichever time of year you choose, check out Wunderground for long-range forecasts on what kind of weather to expect!Okay, if you’re still in the planning stage of your Krakow trip, you might not be sure how many days you want to spend in the city. Do you need a three, two, or one day Krakow itinerary?The good news is that you can use this as anything from a one day itinerary, right up to a four or five day trip planner!The average visitor will probably spend three days in Krakow, so I’ve divided up all the best things to do in Krakow into that format. Day one and day two are for the city itself, both in the Old Town and the wider area, whilst day three is devoted to day trips – there’s some wonderful excursions on offer in the area, as well as important historical monuments. If you’re looking at having a fairly full-on three days sightseeing, you should be able to squeeze everything in!If you’re looking at spending four or five days in Krakow (you lucky bunny!), you can use the “day one” etc as a looser guideline. You’ve got extra time: you can take it easy, and explore the best things to do in Krakow in greater depth! You don’t have to do all the sights listed in a single day. You’ll also have time to do all of the day trips, which comes thoroughly recommended from this here traveler. Only have one day in Krakow? Pick and choose from days one and two. You’ll likely want to stay closer to Krakow Old Town, however, so the day one Krakow itinerary is your friend here!