The bustling city of Amsterdam is most famously known for the unique canal district, bicycling, and historic architecture. The city, rich in history, boasts a booming arts, entertainment, and food scene, offering a unique and welcoming experience for tourists.The city is colorful and quirky. It be enjoyed by bike, foot, tram, or boat. Though most locals travel by bicycle, Amsterdam is remarkably walkable. I carefully planned my quick four day trip to Amsterdam and packed accordingly. To maximize my short time exploring the rich history and picturesque canals of Amsterdam, I decided to purchase an I Amsterdam City Card. This card, active for a number of hours (times and rates vary), offers a unique and affordable way to experience Amsterdam.The card is available for purchase for 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours. I decided to go with the 48-hour card.The card offers free and discounted entry to the top attractions around the city. Your time card begins as soon as you enter your first attraction; mapping out a route is crucial.I planned my stops taking into consideration the distance between attractions, transportation, and time spent at each attraction. I personally like to walk most cities when traveling as I find that to be a great form of exploration.Because I visited Amsterdam in February, I also factored in my tolerance for cold weather (aka wimp), ensuring I developed the most logical course to balance my time outside.The attractions included on the I Amsterdam City Card aligned with many of the attractions on my 'must-see' list. I selected my top choices for two of my four days there. This left me with two days to hit any additional attractions that either aren't included on the card or that I didn't have time to get to in the 48 hours that my card was active.The list below is a compilation of attractions included but not limited to the offerings on the I Amsterdam City Card. The museum is very large and well curated with a vast mix of art, exhibits, and collaborative demonstrations. This museum is a great place to start your trip to lay the foundation of the history of Amsterdam. I recommend planning to spend roughly three hours here. The Amsterdam museum is very a family-friendly, interactive museum, so your kids won't be bored as you wander the halls.It may seem touristy, but a canal cruise is a must-do while in Amsterdam. Famously picturesque, these narrow canals make up the unique architecture of the city.The guided boat tour will last roughly one hour, navigating you through different ports across the city. Cruises depart from various docks throughout the day and night. While aboard, keep an eye out for the dancing houses.Don’t miss this tiny, underground museum detailing the history of the tulip’s relationship with The Netherlands. This charming museum is great for families and kids, and will take no longer than 30 minutes. Be sure pick up a tulip souvenir in the gift shop before you leave.Also known as “Old Church.” This is Amsterdam’s oldest building and oldest parish church. While there, see the famous 17thcentury grand organ and climb the church tower to see the city from above.This interactive museum is great for kids and families. Weather permitting, check out the roof terrace and children’s play area with spectacular city views.Houses the largest collection of works by the Dutch-native. Ticket reservations are required. Plan your date/time slot accordingly.