World Wonder, Site, constant top finisher for must-visit places in the world, Petra, the jewel of Jordan, seduces one million visitors each year. Some of those visitors include children, like my own.While Jordan is a far cry from Walt Disney World, it does not mean that it is not family-friendly. Whether it is exploring ancient Roman Sites like Jerash, riding in the back of a and camping in Jordan’s breathtaking desert, Wadi Rum, snorkeling off the coast of the Red Sea or exploring the ancient Nabatean capital of Petra, there is plenty to do for adventure-loving families.When to Travel to Jordan.April and May or September through November are the best times to visit Jordan for warm weather, blue skies and to avoid the hot summer heat and cold and wet winter weather.What to expect in Jordan with Kids.Visitors to Jordan will find a country full of smiling and friendly locals with a genuine joie-de-vivre, love of country and fierce pride in showing it to guests.While Arabic is Jordan’s official language, families will find English spoken in all hotels and restaurants throughout Jordan, as the country relies heavily on the tourism industry headed to the Middle East.Staying Safe in Jordan.Jordan is a safe country, despite the unrest outside its borders. Theft or violence against tourists is uncommon and unlikely, although visitors should use the same common sense that they would use at home, or in any other country.Like in any destination, scams against tourists can occur. If something feels off, it possibly is. Read up on taxi scams, and avoid flirtatious advances from some of the more assertive local men in Petra.Driving in Jordan.Jordan can easily be seen on a self-drive, road trip itinerary. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of navigating your own way and get a real sense of the people and the rich history of the region, taking a tour or hiring a licensed guide will make your visit that much better. There are several fantastic companies, like Experience Jordan, who can help you plan your trip and guide you through any of the sights across Jordan.Jordan has a diverse bio-geographical climate and landscape. You will find much more than desert-like weather in Jordan. Much of the country sit at 1000m above sea level and these high elevations often see snow in the winter months. You may even get hail in Wadi Rum. For parents with children who love hiking, there are dozens of hiking opportunities all over the country. Whether it is sections of the Jordan Trail, which runs over 400 kilometres from the far North of the country to the Red Sea in the south, or hiking in Petra to the 2000-year old Monastery, there is no shortage of diverse hiking options. You can also hike through Wadi Rum and Wadi Musa if you are feeling really adventurous when traveling with children. Jordan is also home to the lowest place on Earth, where families can float in the Dead Sea and enjoy the beach resorts during their travels. Watch out for fresh cuts or sensitive skin as the mineral-rich water can be quite uncomfortable for some children. Mom- we highly recommend that you grab some of that mud you are stepping in and give yourself a nice scrub. Your skin will thank you for it!Just remember to bring a swim suit, towel and sun screen. Many Dead Sea resorts have showers for guests to use and you will want to get all of that salt and mud off before you hop in the car.