The Best Things to Do in Florence!

Days in Florence is an ideal amount of time to see this beautiful city's legendary highlights, giving yourself some extra days to explore the rest of Tuscany! Plus, with Florence being incredibly walkable, you'll easily burn off all the calories you'll gain from the city's equally-legendary food - trust me, you're not going to be able to resist it (well, unless you have better impulse control than me, which isn't hard. I mean, have you seen me on a shopping trip? Carnage).Honestly though, you could spend a lifetime in Florence, and never scratch the surface of what it has to offer. However, the skill of being a good traveler is being able to pick out the highlights, the must-sees, so that you can go home with a minimum of regrets. Nobody wants to be on the plane home feeling bitter at not seeing the top sights, anticipating the questions of friends and family who exclaim "what do you mean you didn't see Massively Famous Monument? Did you actually go there at all??"Save yourself from growling upsetting words at well-meaning loved ones and being taken off their Christmas card list, by following this itinerary for days in Florence! I've collected the city's highlights and put them in a sensible order for seeing them - you won't be having to zigzag across town following a disjointed list. We're gonna go with the flow, man. But most importantly for Florence, I'll be telling you when to see the sights, because massive lines outside art galleries are a thing here.Florence does have it's own airport, located a short hop from the city (in fact, it'll only be about a 15 minute trip on the bus to the city center), but this convenience comes with a price. Quite literally. Florence Airport is really small, and there actually aren't a huge amount of routes which fly in there - even if you look at some major airlines , they'll generally only have one or two routes into the airport. Accordingly, this drives the price up, and you can expect to see some surprisingly eye-watering fares if you look it up on, or other airline sites.So how about starting your 2 days in Florence with an airfare which isn’t going to make you swear in startlement at your computer? My recommendation is to fly to Pisa instead: it’s Tuscany’s biggest airport, whilst still being small enough that you’ll be through the terminal in about ten minutes flat (excellent for airport anxiety sufferers!). Far more routes and airlines fly into there, meaning that prices are much, much cheaper. Then there’s the biggest advantage of all: it’s SUPER easy to get from Pisa airport to Florence city center! I’ve even written a step-by-step guide on how to get from Pisa Airport to Florence – go ahead and take a quick look. Isn’t that simple??If you’re spending 2 days in Florence as part of a longer Italy trip, you’ll most likely arrive into the city at Santa Maria Novella train station. Unless you’re staying somewhere on the outskirts of the city, you’re almost certain to be within walking distance of your hotel: the train station is mere minutes’ walk away from all the big sights. Grab a bus or tram if you don’t fancy the walk: if you’ve got a smartphone, download the Moovit app, which will tell you exactly what you need to catch, and when! This app has saved my bacon more times than I can count (and I really like bacon, y’all).Speaking of hotels, where should you stay in Florence? It’s a good question, even if I do say so myself! When you look at all the choices available to you in this ever-popular destination, it can get a bit overwhelming.Should you stay in Florence city center? Is it noisy, or can you find somewhere quiet? Should you stay somewhere a little further out? The bright side is that there’s plenty of options, whether you’re looking for hotels or a Florence Airbnb! So let’s have a look at some of the best choices, for budget, mid-range, or luxury travelers.