The Top Things in Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island I Want To See

I've had a Hawaii bucket list for many years. And it comes with its own paradox: namely that the thing that made me want to go there, at the same time, made me terrified to go there. Yes, that's how my mind works. Just imagine how difficult it is for me to decide what kind of coffee to order, when I can conjure up that magnitude of contradiction.But I'm going to show you all of the magical, beautiful aspects of Hawaii, Maui, and Oahu - everything that made me yearn to go there - in one ultimate bucket list! Read on for the most glamorous locations, surfing, turtles, Hawaiian culture, and more!Back in 2021, I was happily curled up on my sofa watching television (it was Big Brother; I have no shame) when an advert for a new show came on to the screen. It was mysterious; it had a dark, magnetic vibe that I liked. The advert spoke of artistry, and quality. The people were beautiful. And was that a hobbit? And this was where my love/fear relationship with Hawaii began.LOST made me fall in love with Hawaii immediately. The very first scene was set in a gorgeous bamboo forest, a deep, emerald green of towering foliage - the stuff you used to dream of as a child, imagining yourself hacking your way through the wilderness. Then it moved on to a pristine beach, soft white-gold sand framed by blue skies and bluer seas. The sun was shining; the beach's coastline was crashing and dramatic. Who couldn't love a view like that? Well, aside from all that plane wreckage. Yes, there was a price to pay for falling instantly in love with the Hawaii landscape. LOST enticed me in with the beauty of its setting, and then it triggered every single fiber of my flight anxiety with a plane crash scene in the first episode.Hawaii became a magical, almost mythical place. It was a place I'd fallen in love with already, a place I desperately wanted to visit, but the plane crash scene served as a crushing reminder that I possibly would never gain the courage to fly there.But! Things are different now. Thanks to travel, I have a much better hold on my anxiety, and my flight anxiety in particular. My fear of flying is almost gone entirely. My desire to travel to Hawaii is renewed, especially when it has so much to offer. It's perfect for exploring, having a romantic Hawaii getaway, or surfing the deep blue seas.So I'm going to show you all of the places I want to visit in the beautiful, magical locales of Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island; my Hawaii bucket list… in order to inspire both you and me to go there!Mokule’ia Army Beach might look strangely familiar when you arrive there, a strip of rugged coastline with crashing waves – that’s because this is where my Hawaii dream was born. Yes, this is the beach from LOST! Where better to kick off my Hawaii bucket list trip?Although it’s pretty sedate now (the beach’s rather martial-sounding name came from the previous practice of only allowing military personnel on the sands), it caused something of a stir when LOST was being filmed. Passers-by were understandably shocked and concerned about seeing bits of plane wreckage scattered across the beach, and the local emergency services regularly received panicked calls about plane crashes. Mokule’ia Beach has been restored to a rather more peaceful existence now, but don’t be fooled – the crashing waves which look so impressive on the screen hide a vicious riptide; there’s far better places in Hawaii to go for a swim.