The Very Best Things To Do In Capri, Italy

There's sooooo many things to do in Capri, the most famous and glamorous of all the islands in Italy. The great news is that if you've got the advice of an experienced Capri lover, you can see them all!If you're a regular reader of this travel blog (and if you're not, come and join us! You're missing out on a lot of fun!), you'll know that I'm a regular visitor to the Amalfi Coast. The place just has my heart: warm Mediterranean weather, sea breezes with a fresh, lemony perfume, and all the pizza I can handle. It's become something of a second home, and somewhere that I'm passionate about exploring. I want to experience the local culture, and every authentic experience I can get my hands on.Although it's a tiny hop from the Amalfi Coast proper, you simply can't visit the area without making the short trip to Capri. In an area renowned for its beauty, Capri stands out above all others - it's like looking at a tray of beautiful, priceless jewels, and just spotting that one that is absolutely flawless. Its foliage-covered cliffs rise up from a sapphire sea, and curve around until you're welcomed into a gorgeous harbor, lights from the pastel-colored houses glittering in the dusky sky like diamonds. It's a place which is as alluring and old-school glamorous, as it is friendly and welcoming.You've found that experienced Capri lover - me. I want to help you plan the perfect trip. I'm going to let you into the secrets of this place, and give you the very best tips on how to appreciate it to its fullest, learnt from my five trips to the area. From boat tours to the mysterious Blue Grotto, to natural and unspoiled hiking trails that are free of tourists, it's time to learn all of the best things to do in Capri, Italy! The ideal months to visit Capri are May and September. Both months benefit from temperatures that are beautifully warm without ever getting too hot and stifling, and rainy days are rare. But, if you visit in May, you'll see Capri at its absolute best - the flowers are in full bloom, and seeing hordes of purple bougainvilleas climbing up white houses is worth the trip alone. Add the scent of lemon groves, warmed by gentle sunshine, and you really can't do much better.Visiting Capri in winter has advantages and disadvantages – it really just depends what kind of experience you’re after. If tourist attractions such as the Blue Grotto, and having a wide array of hotels to choose from floats your boat, then you may want to wait a couple of months. Most of the island’s tourist facilities and attractions close down for the winter, and hotels take the opportunity to get their properties shipshape for the coming season. However, this can be to your advantage! B&Bs increasingly stay open all year round, and rooms are at much more reasonable rates than in the summer. Restaurants which cater to the locals stay open, meaning that you’ll only find the most authentic places. No more having to fight for space with tourists!You can’t go wrong with visiting Capri in spring – it’s the island’s time to shine. Businesses reopen, hotels are freshly-painted and in full flow, and flowers bloom. It’s about as perfect as islands in the Med ever get! You’ll also experience a pleasing lack of rainy days, though they do randomly occur – evenings are still cool, too, so be sure to pack a few items that’ll keep you warm. Swimming in the sea can still be a bit chilly too, but on the bright side, it’s an ideal time to take advantage of Mother Nature and go for a hike. Greenery explodes all over the island, and with temperatures not being too oppressive, it’s a great time to see Capri’s natural side.