You just dropped the kids off at Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. Now what? Well, you aren't going to fly home only to turn around and pick them up in Rocket City a few days later. You're also not going to go hang out in your hotel room and twiddle your thumbs while the kids are off in the NASA simulators. There are a ton of things to do in Huntsville AL for the mom traveling without kids.Why Huntsville, Alabama?You just might have to do a little wandering to figure out what is happening around Huntsville, Alabama.Lucky for you, we already made a few visits to get to know the area and have a handy list to get you started. So, the only question left to ask is- what to do in Huntsville today? Whether you are into outer space, gardens, history, wine, bourbon, shopping or hiking, Huntsville has you covered. This town will keep you active, learning, hydrated, caffeinated and well fed while you wait for the kids to wrap up their week at space camp.In fact, let's just call this "Huntsville Camp" shall we? While the kids are off in outer space, you can find out why we like to play down here on the ground on Planet Earth.Big Spring International Park.Every travel guide and road trip itinerary knows to take you through Big Spring INternational Park after you arrive in Huntsville, AL. On a hot summer day it's the perfect spot to meet up with friends.Personally, I like to cut through it to see the cherry blossoms in bloom as I grab a morning coffee.This is one of many impressive Huntsville green spaces that get you outdoors exploring, while also sneaking in a little exercise. U.S. ROCKET AND SPACE CENTER.Just because you dropped the kids off at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center Space Camp doesn't mean you can't wander around and check out the complex. Even if you aren't a space nut, you can still appreciate man's (and woman's) advancements in science through space exploration. There are four planetarium shows throughout the day you won't want to miss.Not sure where to get started when you tour the complex? Just follow the flow through the building starting at the visitor center.There is usually a special exhibit towards the front that will lead to the permanent exhibits, Mars Climbing Wall and outside to the Space Shuttle Park. Follow the path along to the right to see the Saturn V (a really big rocket, in a really big building). There is nothing quite like walking under that much metal and power. It is also a bit quieter in this part of the complex, especially in the afternoon.Moms won’t want to miss the Cocktails and Cosmos, a cocktail hour at the planetarium (check RocketCenter.com for dates and times). Oh, and the Biergarten every Thursday from 4:30pm-7:30pm in the Saturn V Hall in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration.Yes, Huntsville does know how to celebrate outer space in the best ways.History, nature and homeopathic medicine all come together at the site of Dr. William Henry Burritt’s 1938 mansion on Round Top Mountain.Learn why this is one of the city’s most unique and eccentric homes (it’s built like an X and has no shower in the formal house), and the reason he had three wives. Hint: one wasn’t too happy about that lack of shower. The house sits on 126 acres that have been preserved as a historic park, and house six 19th century homes that showcase life in the Cumberland Plateau, as well as a blacksmith shop, and assorted outbuildings.There is also a playground, gift shop with incredible local artist jewelry for sale, and is home to one of the best examples of early school life in Alabama.