Quietly drifting down a mirror reflection of the sky, we waited. I held my breath. There it was again. The one true sight I had flown to the other side of the world to see. A phenomenon that had me whisking my eldest son at the age of almost nine years old to a new continent with me to witness. I had finally found the elusive pink river dolphins of the Brazilian Amazon while on a group tour.Naturally, all of the kids on the boat started screaming and the dolphin swam away.Such is life when you are traveling with kids. But isn't that the beauty of it all. I mean, we were on the Rio Negro to experience Planet Earth at its best (the BBC series and Mother Nature's version of it). Our guide Joshua was there to give it to us.A fellow traveler, and dad on the trip, had claimed he had already seen the dolphins twice since we had boarded two days before. Personally, I thought he must be smoking something on the top deck of our boat, the, because every time he yelled "Look! Dolphins!" no one saw a thing.Yup. He was definitely having a personal party upstairs while the rest of us got kids slathered up in sunscreen and 98.1% DEET for our four-hour hike into the forest.Is Brazil with Kids Actually a Good Idea? I'd honestly never given much thought to Brazil as a destination. Like most people, I knew the country had great meat, rabid football (soccer) fans, great beaches and gorgeous women.Thanks to the BBC Planet series, I knew that there were many creatures to be found deep in the jungle. You know, those birds of paradise that built nests and jumped around for their lady friends to find a mate. So, cute, but hard to find, even for naturalists and professional wildlife photographers.Oh, yes, and the anacondas, crocodiles, and tree frogs that could kill you if you just blinked wrong in their direction. Definitely, sounds like something I should run towards with my kids, right? Wrong! I don't even like to go camping. Why in the world would I want to traipse through a forest filed with dangerous animals with kids? You know, those unpredictable little humans that I gave birth to so many years ago and still haven't quite figured out (sorry new moms, I still haven't found the parenting manual).I like warm showers, clean hair, Internet access and the ability to send my kids away from me. Not spiders, tarantulas, snakes, parasites, water I can't see through to know what's coming to eat me, and beds without at least six pillows to build a fort around myself. Geez. When did I become such a princess?When my friend Patricia started her business, Our Whole Village, back in 2014, I knew she was onto something. She is a Brazilian native (yes, she is stunning and fabulous). Already she recognized that families wanted to give their children a deeper experience, but there were just some places that it was hard to dive into without a little help.Europe is pretty easy for most people to visit on their own. If you have any sense of adventure, you really can figure out the basics, especially if you are going to stick to the cities. If you need help planning, call my friends at Ciao Bambino and they will hook you up with the ultimate vacation.However, if you want a truly unique experience, in a remote destination that you want to bring your kids along for, you call my friend Patricia. She started out by partnering with the brother of one of her best friends who owned Katerre Expeditions in the Brazilian Amazon.Patricia built a package that takes you door to door from the airport in Brazil. Not worrying about where to stay, how you would travel to the hotel or to the starting point with Katerre, was a blessing. She tested it out first with her own girls when they were just three and five-years-old to ensure it really was child friendly at a young age.